NJ SEO Company Achieves Google Page 1 Ranking for New Jersey Bariatric Surgeons

New Jersey Search Engine Optimization Company, iSite Marketing has achieves Google Page 1, Listing 1 results for New Jersey Bariatric Surgeons, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons of Morris, LLC.

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons is a surgical practice that provides surgical treatment for Morbid Obesity, Lap Band Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery and other Bariatric procedures. With 5 locations in New Jersey, they focus on providing high-quality medical care and weight loss management. Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons found us through our Website.

What do you do when you’re in an increasingly competitive market niche and have a great new website but not enough online traffic? We can tell you what Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons, a New Jersey-based provider of surgical treatment of Morbid Obesity did – they turned to us for Search Engine Optimization.

Their site was essentially un-optimized when we started SEO. Since Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeons offers numerous services, their site also needed to be optimized for each of those services. Thankfully, since we also designed and developed the site, we knew it had been built to be “search engine friendly” and wouldn’t run into the roadblocks of a poorly developed site.

Still, the site had the following issues:

  • Low link popularity and search engine saturation (pages indexed in the search engines)
  • Not enough conversion points
  • Low or no rankings for keywords that searchers might use to find their site

SEO Strategy:
Over several months, we optimized the site, including location-specific pages like the facilities section. We targeted these pages to go after local search terms like “Lap Band Surgery NJ” and “Realize Band Surgery NJ”. We also completed a link building campaign, which improved the site’s link popularity (or “votes”) for the site which generally results in more traffic and higher rankings.

The organic search engines are now referring over 70% of the overall traffic to the site. Take a look at the numbers:

Unique Visitors +20%
Search Engine Referrals +95%
Pages Indexed by Google +24%
Link Popularity +64%
Conversions +154%

Lap Band Surgery NJ: Google Page 1, Listing 1
Realize Band Surgery NJ: Google Page 1, Listing 1
Gastric Bypass Surgery NJ: Google Page 1, Listing 2
Bariatric Surgery NJ: Google Page 1, Listing 2
Weight Loss Surgery NJ: Google Page 1, Listing 4
Bariatric Surgeons NJ: Google Page 1, Listing 1

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